Terms and conditions

Online booking:

When you book a tour online, you will receive a confirmation/voucher and a booking number by email, stating tour type, departure and duration. Bookings can also be made per email to sales@snaeland.is up to 8 hours before departure.


Day Tours and transfers

Day tours and transfers can be cancelled until 24 hours prior to departure to receive a full refund, after that no refund can be issued. Cancellations have to be sent to sales@snaeland.is.

Private Tours

Private tours can be cancelled via email and the following policy applies:
More than 1 week prior to arrival: 90% refund
Between a week and 24 hours prior to departure: 50% refund
Less than 24 hours prior to departure: no refund

Credit Card Payments:

Your Credit Card details are encrypted for safety and may only be used to pay for the services you select.

Special needs:

Advance notification is required for special needs as children’s car seats. Additional fees may apply.


Snæland Travel reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables if necessary due to weather, road conditions or other elements beyond our control. Snæland Travel cannot be hold responsible for losses or expenses by unforeseeable causes.